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Capri Technologies™ regards themselves as the IT and Computer Specialist.  Much like a medical specialist Capri Technologies offers advice, analysis amd specialised services in the field of IT and Computers.  Our custom built computers and chosen notebooks/laptops are built and chosen especially for the customers requirements and they are built to last with minimal upgradeability required for years to come.  If you need a Computer or Notebook than stands a better test of time than the stock computers and notebooks you can purchase anywhere,
Capri Technologies is the place you need to approach and we have a loyal client base to prove it who are more than happy to review our products.

Capri Technologies™ will always offer a fair price for their Service and on most occasions round down the fees. As Capri Technologies™ offers a personalised yet specialist service we try to minimise the clients cost whilst offering a friendly and genuine service.

Inner Metropolitan Areas
Call-Out Fee - $88
(Including First 15mins)

Outer Metropolitan Areas
Call-Out Fee - $99
(Including First 30mins)

Labour Fees
$88 per hour
(From Fault-Finding and General Repairs to Networking and Setup)

Backup and Re-Install of Windows Operating System
$110 set fee
(Backup, Install Windows, Full Windows Update and ''Capri Setup'', Restore Backup Data, Install Your Software and Email Setup)

Capri Setup with New Computer or Notebook
$55 set fee
(Includes Windows Setup, Windows Boot & System Tweak, Full Windows Update, Install All Required Applications such as Java, Flash, Adobe Products, PDF Creator, Windows Themes, iTunes & Quicktime, etc. Install Your Software, Slim Down Manufacturer Un-Required Applications, Install Anti-Virus if Required)

Quotation Fee on all Maintenance, Repairs and Upgrades for both Hardware and Software
$55 fee
(Will come off final invoice if customer goes ahead with service)