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Trend Micro Titanium Security 2017 (3PC)

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Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2017 (3 users) 1 Year Subscription

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security represents a major step forward in the company’s approach to internet security suites software. The protection programming is fundamentally different from their previous antivirus and antimalware protection in general in that the majority of the programming is done using cloud computing. This essentially means that most of the program runs on the internet rather than on the client PC. The effects are twofold. First, far fewer system resources are used so the negative effect on computer performance is minimal. Secondly, there is the potential to thwart any attack on a customer’s computer in the “cloud,” or on Trend Micro’s network, before it ever has the slightest opportunity to endanger the client.

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security offers an impressive set of useful utilities in addition to malware protection. These include a Windows firewall booster, parental controls, data theft prevention and more. Additional details of these features are provided in the Other Security/Features section below.


In general, spyware has replaced viruses as the most troublesome single category of internet security threats. These are programs that install themselves surreptitiously then run, unnoticed, in the background collecting and transmitting information about you and your computer. Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security does a good job of preventing the installation of new spyware programs as well as finding and removing ones that may already be present. Browser cookies, though often useful, can also perform spyware-like functions, so this program removes them as well.

When initially installed on a computer, this program makes a number of default spyware and virus control settings. Each can be modified by the user if desired. Unless modified, the program will automatically scan for threats whenever a file is opened, saved or downloaded. Similarly, compressed files can be scanned, but because this uses more system resources, it doesn’t happen automatically. Users can choose to have any file automatically deleted if it shows any indication of a threat. Alternatively, a threat notification will appear to allow the user to decide what action is best. Scheduled scans can be run at times chosen by the user and, naturally, on-demand scans can be done at any time.


Viruses, the most infamous of all internet security threats, are malicious programs that can infect your computer and cause untold damages. They are capable of replicating themselves and often of then being transmitted to other computers with which you may have contact. This program offers excellent protection against such threats as well as related malware including Trojan horses, worms and rootkits.

The antivirus settings for Trend Micro titanium Internet Security correspond with the spyware settings described in the preceding section. This functionality of the internet security suites software is the same as that provided by Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus +.


Previous editions of Trend Micro’s internet security software included a stand-alone firewall program. With the release of Trend Micro Titanium, they’ve opted to include programming that is intended to optimize Window’s integrated firewall. There are two technologies at work in this process. The first is called Intrusion Detection Security. It provides protection from LAN attacks as well as a number of fragment and packet intrusions. The other is Generic Stream Scanning which allows the program to scan then accept or drop packets based on security protocols.

Other Security/Features

As full-featured internet security software, Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security offers a host of capabilities beyond those of a typical virus protection program. Prominent among them is the excellent parental controls feature. It gives parents the opportunity to designate the hours of each day that each child can engage in various computer activities. It also allows for limitations on total usage time. Additionally, parents can specify which types of websites can be accessed based on age categories or specific content.

The unauthorized change prevention function prevents changes to system settings except by authorized persons and also can block suspicious behavior and prevent automatic running of programs housed on portable devices. There’s also an antispam feature which can protect POP3 email accounts from receiving unsolicited bulk email. Finally, there’s data theft protection which can prevent cybercriminals from obtaining sensitive information like credit card numbers, phone numbers or email addresses from email or instant messages.

Ease of Use

This internet security software is designed to be installed and forgotten. Logical default settings for virus and other malware protection are made upon installation and, though we believe they work well for most users without modification, they can be changed easily. Other features, such as parental controls, can also be set up with minimal effort. Interfaces are easy to understand and present exactly the information that is needed.

Trend Micro Titatnium produces reports which give details of malware that has been blocked or removed. It also reveals user behavior that can be useful in managing children’s usage. The screens offer graphical representation of information that makes evaluation simple at a glance.

Help & Support

A number of support options are offered by Trend Micro for their internet security software, Trend Micro Titanium. The website offers both customer service and technical support answers in a searchable database. There’s also a useful FAQs section and interactive videos that will help with most installation and setup issues. Email support is available around the clock and online chat can be reached during most times. Telephone support is available only to paid subscribers.


Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security is a major improvement over its already excellent predecessor.